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Size Guide

What size of a tent do you need?

Use our calculator to help you determine the size of tent (or room) that will work the best for you and your event.  Please select the number of guests, then choose the style of table seating.  If your event will be chair seating only or if it is more a cocktail type affair, there are options as well.  There are choices for raised head tables, display tables, stages and dance floors as well as bars and buffet areas.


Required indicates required field
Number of Guests
Type of Seating  60" round tables, 8 guests per table 
72" round tables, 10 guests per table 
8 x 30" banquet tables, 8 guests per table 
Cocktail party 
Chairs ony, ceremony seating. Allowances included for aisles. 
Head Table  (placed on raised stage)
16 person 
12 person 
10 person 
8 person 
6 person 
Display Tables  (for gifts, cake, fountains)
8' x 30" X 
6' x 30" X 
60" round X 
48" round X 
Buffet Stations  (pick a size and style)
Buffet Station 1 8' X 
Buffet Station 1Buffet Station 116' X 
Buffet Station 1Buffet Station 1Buffet Station 124' X 
Serpentine 22 serpentine X 
Serpentine 3 3 serpentine X 
Serpentine 4 4 serpentine X 
Dance Floor
Bars & Beverage  (pick a size and style)
4 X Table 4' X 
6 X Table 6' X 
4 X Table 6 X Table 4' w/6' table X 
6 X Table 6 X Table6' w/6' table X 
Serpentine serpentine X 
Serpentine6 X Table serpentine w/6' table' X 
Calculate Clear

Click the "Calculate" button and you will get a tent size recommendation or click "Clear" to start a new plan.